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The Value of Being Organized On the Ice

I'm a big believer in being organized in order to make fishing outings more enjoyable and saving time on the ice. Here are some time-saving ideas to consider for the upcoming ice season:
  • Check your line for nicks and weakened areas both during and after a day on the ice. Replace line as necessary. I use the "3X" formula. If I plan to fish in 10 feet of water, I make sure that I have at least 30 feet of good line.
  • Retie hooks after each outing. Similar to line, knots get weakened after catching so many fish. Make sure to retie jigs in order to avoid breakoffs.
  • Protect your investment by choosing a floatable jig box that holds your jigs firmly in place.
  • Use a system to organize your soft plastics. One idea is using a Book Worm, which is a billfold type organizer which is available online at Sportsmen's Direct. Another idea is using a compartmentalized puck (see above image) which keeps your plastics neatly organized and makes finding them a breeze. You can buy such pucks (See "Ice Plastic Kits") on my website.
  • Use a rod storage system to protect your ice rods and keep them organized and accessible in the ice. For instance, I use a 52" rifle case for my long rods. On my ice fishing sled, I installed rod holders to keep everything organized and secure while out on the ice.

I hope that the above points give you some ideas about getting organized for the upcoming season. Wishing you an enjoyable and successful time on the ice!